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Wk6 (22) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wk6 (22) - Essay Example These techniques are used to help them in their daily lives. Emphasis is placed on self-control and the client being able to "initiate, conduct and evaluate their own therapy" (Corey, p. 233). The role of the counselor in behavior therapy is to help the client develop goals and to help them find more choices and new conditions for learning as they move through the therapeutic process. The counselor will initially interview the client to find the specific behaviors to address. Behavior therapist also are "active and directive" and they are problem solvers. The individual who is most prominently known as the one who began behavior therapy is B.F. Skinner, however, the history of this type of therapy goes back to 1950s and was equally introduced in the United States, South Africa and Great Britain at the same time. According to the textbook, there are many studies that use behavioral techniques to assist in many mental disorders. Some critics think that this therapy does not go far enough in helping clients because it does not provide insights for the client and it ignores the relationship between the client and the therapist. Behaviorists also put emphasis on ethical accountability. In contrast rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) expands upon what the behavior therapists does by bringing in a cognitive component. The basic premise of this therapy is that an individual is very capable of healing themselves because they are naturally inclined to do "self-talking, self-evaluating and self-sustaining" (Corey, p. 273). This theory grew out of work by Albert Ellis. REBT sees that humans have the capacity to think rationally and irrationally at the same time. They can be loving, happy and have strong relationships or they can be self-destructive, procrastinate and repeat the same problems over and over. Individuals learn irrational beliefs through significant people around them, and they create

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The Importance Of Finding Alternative Materials Environmental Sciences Essay

The Importance Of Finding Alternative Materials Environmental Sciences Essay What is Alternative Building? This is usually the type of building that are considered alternative today, have their heredity in structures that humans have been constructing for centuries. The reason why these building techniques are gaining popularity in modern times is twofold. First, the old building techniques are far more eco-friendly than the majority structures we used to seeing; second, these structures are simple enough in nature that they can built cheaply and can be built without the aid of a lot of the heavy and expensive equipment which is normally related with most new construction. Currently words such as green, sustainable and alternative get used often in the construction industry, which make its pretty confusing and difficult to tell if any one particular method or material fall under one or many of these heading. The report will help identify, green alternative building method and materials which are less damaging to the environment than a similar practice used in conventional lumber-framed construction. The need to find alternative practices will encompass any building technique that can be done repeatedly without changing the environment in any noticeable way. The Importance of Finding alternative Materials As the world population continues to grow at an alarming rate, people are realizing that planet cannot sustain such continuous and exponential growth. With land being increasable limited and we are continually diminishing our natural resource such are timber, with majority of it being used to build homes. It is evident that we cannot continue to use our natural material at this rate to build our homes. With the awareness of these natural materials become increasing limited, has made the construction industry rethink their way and start to think more about sustainable construction. Using alternative material for 8building homes is much more environmental sustainable than conventional homes building. Depending on the type and amount of sustainable materials used, these types of alternative material can reduce the carbon footprint which is produce in building homes. According to the Worldwatch Institute, an independent organization that analyzes critical global issues, one-fourth of the worlds wood and one-sixth of its fresh water are used  in building construction. This situation will only become worse as the worlds population and more people continue to migrate toward cities. The greater demands also will add pressure on increasingly scarce essential resources, especially water. The Environment The environment has now become issues and with it being heightened news, the Governments and individuals have seem to take notice and now taking to make a change because we cannot continuing abusing the environment, this is not an option anymore. The chart below shows the proportion of CO2 emissions in the UK from buildings in use, the construction process (mainly due to the CO2 from the manufacture of building materials) and from all other sectors including industry, transport, agriculture etc. Buildings in use contribute about half of our CO2 emissions (and consume about half of our energy use). Figure 1 CO2 emissions The next chart shows where these emissions come from and with over half of our energy use and CO2 emissions from building use come from heating our buildings. Figure two Energy Waste. Government Action The UK government have stated that England must take action now, in order to make vast improvement to energy efficiency in both new and existing buildings. The government have set many ambitious goals, an example of one: they anticipate dramatic energy reductions to achieve its goal that all new homes in England will be carbon-neutral by 2016. World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2007) There are three main approaches to energy neutrality: Cut buildings energy demand by, for example, using equipment that is more energy efficient Produce energy locally from renewable and otherwise wasted energy resources Share energy create buildings that can generate surplus energy and feed it into an intelligent grid infrastructure. Efficiency gains in buildings are likely to provide the greatest energy reductions and in many cases will be the most economic option. A study by McKinsey estimated that demand reduction measures with no net cost could almost halve expected growth in global electricity demand. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report estimates that by 2020 CO2 emissions from building energy used can be reduced by 29% at no net cost World Business Council for Sustainable Development (2007) and a cost curve for greenhouse gas reduction, McKinsey Quarterly 2007 Number 1. Fox and Murrell (1989) state the fundamental ecology principle of renewable material, such as wood is sustainable source and are renewable however, for materials like metal, plastic, gravel and sand, stone-based materials such as cement, concrete and plaster, have been used cannot be used again, their consumption if the earth itself. (Berge, 1992) The extraction of certain raw material can be very destructive effects especially to the water table and wildlife habitats. Over usage of these materials can affect the availabilities of in the near future, cause environmental degradation, and contribute to global warming. Impact of the Construction The industry has a major impact on the environment, it affect are not only on the resources it consumes but also the waste it produces. The construction industry is accountable for producing a whole variety of different wastes, the amount and type of which depends on factors such as the stage of construction, type of construction work and practices on site. In Great Britain, over 90% of non-energy minerals is extracted and are used to supply the construction industry with materials. Furthermore, every year more than 70 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste has been produced in England and Wales The key is alternative basic materials because they have historically driven innovation in every industry, and could spur significant advances in todays housing. In order to gain acceptance, however, basic alternative materials must offer more benefits than the traditional materials or methods they replace. They must reduce costs, increase design flexibility, enhance sustainability, perform multiple functions, have superior performance characteristics, or meet a market niche. Another potential driver for adopting alternative basic materials is a shortage of existing natural materials or concerns about their long-term sustainability. Martà ­n(2005) states that in recent years, there has been a shortages of core natural resources; including lumber, steel, and gypsum, and this has driven construction costs higher. This volatility of supply and price motivates the industry to look for more sustainable solutions. Sustainability and resource shortages, in fact, will help to drive innovati ons in the future. The objective of alternative basic materials is to develop new materials that spur innovation by serving multiple functions, increasing cost-effectiveness and efficiency, and using more sustainable materials. In many cases, these technologies form building systems that enable other Concept Home principles such as integrated functions, floor plan flexibility, and improved production processes. Alternative basic materials consist of core technologies that manufacturers can use to create products or systems and composite systems that builders can purchase and use to build homes. Martà ­n(2005) Before considering the use of alternative materials, and before implementing into homes, practical issues must be considered, (Berge, 1992) say to be realistic to imagine a technology that functions in line holistic ideas, none-mainstream approach but also providing humanity with an acceptable material standard of living, basically Berge is trying to say there just be a balance between the Eco approach and what consumer want. Government Schemes and Regulation After The Stern Review (2006) advised that the implications of climate change couldnt be avoided any longer and urgent action was required, by that the comment the government took notice and started implementing changes to building regulations. In 2007, the Government introduced the  Code for Sustainable Homes  to help improve the standard of energy efficiency and sustainability of the housing sector, by setting target for all new houses to achieve a carbon rate of zero by 2016. This is a level 6 in the Code for Sustainable. Currently, the standards of the code are not mandatory for private house builders but there are intentions to incorporate them into the  Building Regulations over the next couple years, by implementing the changes to Part L which started in 2010. CAN I ADD MORE Constructing environmental friendly house To construct an environmental friendly houses are to focus on reducing the environmental impact of both its  construction  and its ongoing  operation. This is achievable at the design phase by selecting the correct material and the process. Environmental friendly houses and sustainable construction present an exciting opportunity for building houses. With the prospect of living in an environmentally efficient house that can generate its own power, also by reducing waste and running costs would be the first positive step for a sustainable future. Our activities have had a negative effect on the plant and the the Office for Climate Change 2010, attributing have stated that 27% of the UKs total carbon emissions to household heating and electricity, house construction is an area where we can make a huge difference. Ecological impact During the development and construction stages of house being built, a ecological assessment should be carried out that reduces its impact and if it would be possible to construct green or living roofs for new habitats to live.

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Importance of the Workplace Essay -- essays research

Importance of the Workplace â€Å"Did you hear the latest rumor?† Jeff said to Sally. â€Å"No, what’s going around now?† said Sally. â€Å"Remember all the big wigs that were here last week from out of town? Well, I heard from Jack on third shift that they were here to seal the deal on buying the company. He heard that they’re from some big company down south and their real big on bringing in their own people. You know what the means.† â€Å"Yeah,† said Sally, â€Å"but I heard from Helen in Human Relations that one of the reasons they’re even thinking about merging with this other company is because we’re not doing so well. If this doesn’t go through, our benefits may get cut and lay-offs are pretty much guaranteed. She also said that she heard the benefits this other company has aren’t as good as what we have now. So, either way it looks like we’ll lose.† â€Å"Sounds like you may be right,† sighed Jeff, â€Å"I guess it’s time to start looking for another job. Hey, maybe I’ll find one where the company actually lets you know what’s going on.† The â€Å"grapevine† or â€Å"rumor mill† is a part of any company’s communication structure. As demonstrated here, it enables employees to share information about things relative to the company where they work. However, also demonstrated here is how it contributes to the morale of the work environment. Communication is a very important element of the work environment. Though it is important for employees to be able to communicate with each other, it is more important that the employer effectively communicates with its employees. Without effective communication, an employer risks letting the rumor mill run rampant which could jeopardize its employees moral and overall performance. The effects of good and bad communication are discussed to providing us with further information regarding the importance of commu nication. We also discuss how a work environment can create good and bad morale. First we will be discussing good communication and what good communication skills are. Also, we need to know how they can be used effectively. Good communication is defined as a process of creating, sending, receiving, and interrupting signals between people. Communication is a process that consists of two or more people and through this process you have a sender and a receiver. For communication to be effective everyone in this process must try to be open m... ...any picnic †¢ Morale building †¢ Open house †¢ Retirement program †¢ Birthday program †¢ Credit union †¢ Company store (employees can purchase shirts, jackets, caps and many other logo products. †¢ Quality circles †¢ Holiday gifts (Thanksgiving turkeys, a set of cutlery a serving tray and a clock all about equal in price †¢ Celebrate success (when people work hard on a project make sure they are Acknowledged). †¢ Be fair and honest with everyone Website page Hopefully after reading this paper everyone appreciates how important communication is to a successful business. Good communication can be considered one of the most important elements of successful business dealings. Whether you are talking about good communication between the company and its customers or between the employer and employees success cannot be had unless the communication lines are open and understood by all involved. Without proper communication in the workplace there become road blocks so to speak which leads to poor employee morale, rumors, and basically the breakdown of the company. So as you can see good communication is the foundation of a successful company.

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Philip II Essay

King Philip II ruled over the western Habsburg kingdom, which included Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sicily, and Sardinia. When he got married to Mary I, he then ruled over England and Ireland. There were major challenges that Philip II faced during his reign. Some of the problems were finances and control over some of his countries, such as Spain and the Netherlands. Philip II had many problems throughout Spain since the time it had grown unstable. Philip II had a debt and needed to pay back his bankers and mercenaries. He was able to make some money from the silver from mines in Bolivia. Since there was money coming from the Americas, Europe was able to gain some wealth. Europe also gained an increase in its population. This caused inflation, which was less food and fewer jobs, while still having the population overflow. There was an obviously visible gap between the richer people and the poor ones. Because of a need for money, the unprivileged people of Spain suffered greatly from the harsh taxes of Philip II. Philip II also wanted an efficient bureaucracy and military. He made the lesser nobility into the bureaucracy because if he would have used higher nobles they may try to gain more power. Philip II had to deal with a Turkish threat in the Mediterranean. So, Spain, Venice, and the Pope created the Holy League. In a naval battle, The Battle of Lapanto, they defeated the Turks who had tried to invade Austria. Control had been secured in the Mediterranean and then Spain annexed Portugal. Philip eventually declared bankruptcy and could not pay his soldiers. They became known as the Spanish fury when they attacked Antwerp. While Philip II was dealing with many complications, the Netherlands came along and caused more damage for him. The Count of Egmont and William of Nassau, or William of Orange, started a strong opposition to Spanish overlords. Because of this, Philip II decided that the decrees of the Council of Trent and the Inquisition were to be enforced in the Netherlands. Louis of Nassau led the opposition of Philip II’s decision. This caused Protestants to riot throughout the country. In response to this, Philip sent the Duke of Alba to suppress the people. Alba publicly killed thousands of suspected heretics. This was known as the Council of Troubles, but it was referred to as the Council of Blood in the Netherlands. The Duke of Alba also enforced taxes, such as a ten percent sales tax that caused people to flee the country. Furthermore, Philip II only had one chance left to destroy the Netherlandic resistance, so he called William of Orange an outlaw and even placed a bounty on him. But William of Orange had a speech, the Apology, which called Philip a tyrant, causing the Union of Utrecht to disregard Philip as their ruler. King Philip II went through a lot during his time of reign. He was dealing with many different countries, some under and some not under his rule. Spain had a very bad economy that was not going far. There was an inflation, which made everything even more difficult. Then in the Netherlands, they wanted to be free. They caused trouble for Philip and tried to resist whatever he did. Philip even had to send over the Duke of Alba, and the people of the Netherlands hated him for it. The problems in the Netherlands led to the Twelve Years’ Truce, where the northern provinces gained independence. Later on, their official independence was from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

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Role Of The Railroads Shifted Over Time - 1354 Words

The role of the railroads shifted over time. Eight months after the United States entered the First World War in 1918, President Woodrow Wilson called for the country’s railroads to be nationalized to mean the demands of the war. He did so under the Federal Possession and Control Act. As part of this process, he also decided to have new steam engines and cars designed to boost the abilities of the rail industry. He also arranged for the Railroad Control Act which took place in 1920. This act stated that when a peace treaty was signed, within 21 months, the railroads would be returned to their owners and compensation would be given for use of property. This did occur and the railroads were returned to private property. Railroads not†¦show more content†¦This allows the industry to be better connected and function as a whole to allow for best productivity, volume, revenue, and rates. Ultimately, the history of the rail industry was build one person at a time as they discovered and implemented a connection that would advance the industry. However, there were some key individuals who greatly influenced the process. As previously mentioned, Colonel John Stevens was an influential individual as he was a spark towards the first American railroad. Another instrumental individual was James Hill. Hill is known for his expansion of the railroads. He was a U.S. and Canadian railroad executive. He owned and grew the Great Northern Railway Company, and he also added additional companies. Jay Gould was another influential railroad executive. He is best known for his work as a financer and developer of projects in the rail industry. The influential people are not limited to only rails though. Cornelius Vanderbilt was known for his part in the shipping industry as a whole. He started out with a steamboat company, moved into steamships, and then expanded to include railroads. He also implemented the first service rail between New York and Chicago. In the same way, there are some principal companies who serve as fundamental pieces of the industry today. These main companies are referred to as Class 1 Railroads. In order for a railroad to be classified as Class 1 it must have an operating revenue of $433.2 million or more. There areShow MoreRelatedIndustrial Revolution Essay766 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Industrial Revolution In the 19th century, America became an industrial country, the powered machinery shifted the industry into mass production. The development of steam engines improved the transportation system, further, increased the production of iron and steel. The textile industries have begun to develop, and produce various products. The industrialization leads to accessible banking, further, deliver telegraph communication to many businesses through locomotive trains. This essayRead MoreChanges And Reforms Of American Industry962 Words   |  4 PagesChange and Reforms in American Industry Between the 1880s and the 1920s, American Capitalism was greatly shifted by the rise of industrialism. The American industrial growth changed significantly after the Civil War. Hand labor was replaced by machines which vastly increased the number of production. Business leaders were able to expand their companies due to investors who provided great amounts of money. However, large companies took advantage of the tremendous growth of the general population byRead More President Woodrow Wilson Essays842 Words   |  4 Pagesgovernment with his many programs that he would establish in his time in office. On the global front he would play a major role in the founding of The League of Nations. In domestic affairs he would push through major programs such as the Federal Reserve Act, The Federal Trade Commission, and The Clayton Antitrust Act, which strengthened laws limiting the power of large corporations. He would later go on to establish an 8-hour workday for railroad workers, and woul d secure federal loans for farmers. PresidentRead MoreThe Evolution Of Private Security1487 Words   |  6 Pageskinds of services against different kinds of natural and man-made risks with a huge focus on the human-related risks of factors. Despite differences in the kinds of services provided by private security personnel, they spend a considerable amount of time in non-police and non-enforcement tasks and functions. In addition to crime prevention and detection, private security personnel offer significant public relation services. The differences in the kinds of services offered by private security personnelRead MoreThe Vibrant and Unpredictable Era of the Gilded Age1050 Words   |  4 Pagesdangerous conditions for low pay and the American people sought political and social reforms in an effort to rebalance the scale of power in the United States. During the Gilded Age, the American economy had shifted from a nation of small farmers and craftsmen to an economy transformed by railroads and telephone lines that stretched from coast to coast. Confronted by new models of economics and politics, unforeseen struggles caused farmers and laborers to fight for survival while emerging industrialistsRead MoreThe Civil War And American History890 Words   |  4 Pages In American History many significant events took place that reflected religious faith of multiple Americans and has shaped the world we live in today. Throughout the 1800s, the most memorable times in America took place throughout the Civil War. Events that escalated before, during and even following the Civil War resulted in a chain of reactions from many people within that period. After analyzing the events of the Civil War, I was able to draw a connection to the actions of the soldiers, womenRead MoreDiscuss the Political, Social, and Economic Impact of the Civil War on the Us.729 Words   |  3 Pagesgovernment even greater control over the economy of the nation. This also allowed for the government to assist in the establishment of businesses. There was also rapid and mass industrialization that took place in both the North and South. Such was needed in order to supply all the products needed to survive as well as fight this modern war. This brought about the Second Industrial Revolution. Much money was invested into public transportation, especially the railroads, in order to allow for easierRead MoreBlessed Among Nations And By Elizabeth Borgwardt1749 Words   |  7 Pagesthe top tier of nations among the world, this was clearly not the case in the nineteenth century as America was not viewed a nation that created much worry to other countries before 1900. Shortly into the twentieth century, however, circumstances shifted to bring America towards the top to rise above most countries in its relationship towards its citizens and other countries. This movement to become a powerhouse of a country was dissected and discussed by Eric Rauchway in his book Blessed Among NationsRead MoreThe Age Of Transition Of The United States1874 Words   |  8 Pagesand witnessed the collapse of the Federalist Party in 1812, it was Alexander Hamilton’s political and economic views which proved predominant in the subsequent 19th century. The expansion of capitalism and industrialization– the development of new railroads, canals, and manufacturing factories in the North– not only contributed to the end of Thomas Jefferson’s Agrarian Yeoman era, but ultimately proved crucial to the Unionâ₠¬â„¢s victory during the Civil War. Nevertheless, by no means had Thomas Jefferson’sRead MoreThe Permanent Impact Of The Industrial Revolution1474 Words   |  6 Pageswe think about this? Because we have never known life to be any other way. However, it wasn’t always this easy or convenient. People didn’t just wake up one morning to a revolutionized America. It was a slow, evolving process, one that occurred over more than 250 years and, in fact, it is still evolving today. The Industrial Revolution changed human life forever by changing the way goods were produced, increasing production, improving transportation and communication means, and changing the social

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Personal Note On Happiness And Happiness - 968 Words

Happiness When asking someone what makes them happy, you more than likely would receive a million different answers. The general definition of happiness or being happy is a state of well-being and contentment, or a pleasurable or satisfying experience. An individual’s definition of happiness more as excitement increase in the tendency to choose ab exciting option over a calming option; and defining happiness more as feeling calm increase the tendency to choose a calming option over exciting option. So, what makes people happy? The answer to what make people happy varies depending on what they might like or be content with. To someone a plate of hot wings or a day at the spa would make them happy. I personally think spending time with family, friends, or a significant other is the key to being happy. I always seem to be happiest when I’m with my family, friends, or girlfriend. The need for social connections with friends and family makes me feel so alive and very happy. According to Dan Gilbert we all have the â€Å"moral molecule† which is associated with both love and pain relief. It releases high levels of oxytocin when we think about those we care for and love. Being happy places a major key in living a healthy life. Love and happiness may not originate in the heart, but I believe it does make the heart healthy. According to, found that the happiest people were 22 percent less likely to develop heart disease over the 10 years of follow-up than people who fell inShow MoreRelatedMill’S Two Proofs For The Ultimate Norm Of Morality . In907 Words   |  4 Pagesmorality, Mill claims that the utilitarian must claim that happiness happens to be the one and only thing that is desirable in itself. He also claims that the only proof of desirability is desire and goes ahead to give an argument that happiness happens to be the one and only thing that should be desired (Selling, 2016). Most importantly, Mill argues that an individual does desire his own happiness for its personal reasons and that makes happiness to be desired by and becomes desirable for its own sakeRead MoreEthical Egoism, Ethical Altruism, And Eudaimonia1660 Words   |  7 Pagesword, and there was association of euda imonia with having success, happiness and flourishing in life. Having unearthed the definitions of the terms, the discussion shall determine the differences between ethical altruism and ethical egoism, and how the aspects of Aristotle can aid the achievement of eudaimonia. As observed above, altruism puts the concerns of the other person at the forefront. Post, Underwood Schloss et. al. (3) note that for people with altruistic tendencies, they often act in theRead MoreMeasuring Personal Happiness : A Small But, A Comprehensive Guide925 Words   |  4 PagesMeasuring Personal Happiness: A Small But, a Comprehensive Guide By Vaishnavi S | Submitted On June 10, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon Share this article on Delicious Share this article on Digg Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Vaishnavi S There is no specific measuring scaleRead MoreKant And John Stuart Mill s Utility Based, Utilitarian Moral Theory1551 Words   |  7 Pagesconsequently have no moral worth. On the other hand, an action that is based on respect for duty is always guaranteed to be good-in-itself because it is the right thing to do despite personal inclination. For example, cleaning the house due to personal happiness does not perform the good will because personal happiness is variable and morally worthless, whereas cleaning the house due to respect for duty satisfies the good will because the act is good-in-itself and morally valuable. Kant suggestsRead MoreHappiness - Synthesis Essay1281 Words   |  6 PagesMahatma Gandhi one defined happiness as â€Å"when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.† Barring any better definition of happiness from either positive psychologists, self-help gurus, or any other academic source, I tend to think this is a great summation of the definition of happiness. Gandhi doesn’t say anything about how these things make you feel, rather looks at it from a point of view of harmony between thoughts, expressions, and actions. Since one single accepted definitionRead MoreThe Importance Of A Great Deal Of Information Regarding Varies Levels Of Personal As Well As Intrapersonal Relations1264 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction The basic emotion of happiness consumes the average day of an individual a countless number of times. From the simplest encounter with a loved one to the birth of a child we are continuously overwhelmed with this great sense of bliss. Although this emotion and the experiences which bring it about are expressed and shared by people the world over, a question must still be raised; what does it mean to happy? The present study aims to answer this question through the analysis of qualitativeRead MoreOn Utilitarianism Essay1119 Words   |  5 Pagesthe principles of Utilitarianism. Also referred to as the Greatest-happiness Principle, this doctrine promotes the greatest happiness for the greatest amount of people. More specifically, Utilitarianism is a form of consequentialism, holding that the right act is that which yields the greatest net utility, or the total amount of pleasure minus the total amount of pain, for all individuals affected by said act (Joyce, lecture notes from 03/30). In defining utilitarianism, J.S. Mill counters theRead More1984 Happiness Essay1275 Words   |  6 PagesIn 1984, the concept of happiness is portrayed as meaningless and that the truth opposes happiness. According to Big Brother and the party, they can only survive by suppressing individual happiness and freedom. People are not allowed to pursue happiness because if they have the freedom they could revolt against the party, and the party wants to control people’s minds and emotions so that they follow Big Brother. Big Brother, though he never appears in the book, he is an extremely important figureRead MoreEssay1105 Words   |  5 Pagesindividuals perceive their own quality of life, or well-being, has led to investigating the relationships between macro and individual level variables, described as happiness. What is happiness and how do we measure happiness? Happiness plays an important role in the way people perceive the overall society they live in (Duarte et al., 2010). Happiness has been economically defined as utility, which sums all of the benefits and costs associated with an activity, including opportunity costs of time participatingRead MoreHappiness and Impossible Standards in Aristotles The Nicomachean Ethics563 Words   |  3 PagesHumans, throughout recorded history, have searched for a proper way of living which would lead them to ultimate happiness; the Nicomachean Ethics, a compilation of lecture notes on the subject written by Greek philosopher Aristotle, is one of the most celebrated philosophical works dedicated to this study of the way. As he describes it, happiness can only be achieved by acting in conformity with virtues, virtues being established by a particular culture’s ideal person operating at their top capacity

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Evaluate the Claim That Identity Is Determined by...

Evaluate the claim that Identity is determined by relationships Essay Plan First Paragraph Introduction Define Identity Quote Changing identities Gender identity Mines (DVD) Second Paragraph New mothers Gous quote Quote pg 254, 269 and 265 Body image Racial – Fanon - 278 Third Paragraph Social psychology Michael Billig – quote 274 National Identity – 212 Freud - quote Fourth Paragraph Conclusion Quote – 252 Erik Erikson Evaluate the claim that Identity is determined by relationships Definitions are important as they influence how we think and how our lives are shaped, just as our identities make us who we are, with different relationships pushing us in different directions. Aspects of our lives†¦show more content†¦(Hollway, 2009, pg 265). Some new mothers do struggle at first to bond with their newborn and post-natal depression is a common occurrence and this may affect the baby’s well-being, and later in life possibly their identity. Body image is another huge factor when thinking about identity and due to the western worlds obsession with body image most pregnant women are eager to get back to their original shape after giving birth. Changing shape can mean that your identity changes with it as you don’t feel yourself, this can be due to illness, pregnancy or some other factor. So many people feel that in order to regain your sense of self you need to look the best you possibly can. The importance of bodies and biology is extremely im portant in the study of identities, as it can refer to our femaleness or maleness (as I mentioned in the paragraph about the male miners) and also our racial and ethnic identities. A qualified psychiatrist named Frantz Fanon wrote about the effects of racism on black people’s identities. He moved from theCaribbean Island to Europe and feltShow MoreRelatedWho Am I?: Individualistic and Collectivist Identities Essay1172 Words   |  5 Pagesupon global society and diversity, humans have a golden opportunity to evaluate themselves and how they identify both individually and in their broader culture. Although the question of â€Å"who am I† is perhaps one of the classical questions of the human cognizance of identity, our identity as both groups and individuals is directly related to the culture we are a part of, especially in regards to whether that culture is determined to be individualistic or collectivist. These differing mindsets have anRead MoreThe Ethics Of Ethical Behavior1491 Words   |  6 Pagesfreedom, and personal existence for the betterment of all of humanity. The existential idea that individuals possess the power and agency to shape their own lives (at least the decisions they make based off their circumstances) and one’s life is not determined by one’s existence relates to my personal philosophies of what constitutes ethical behavior. Each individual is dealt different circumstances in life, therefore a set list of rational ideals and values does not adequately address the what constitutesRead MoreThe Psychological And Medical Views On Transsexuality Essay1308 Words   |  6 Pagesintersex infants has been practiced for decades to eliminate gender ambiguity. Proponents of this practice claim that, by assigning a gender at an early age, parents will bond with their intersex child and the child will be subjected to lower dozes of peer rejection and teasing. They virtually ignore the fact that we are forcing people to be forever haunted by their gender-constructed identities, hormones, plastic surgeries and other medical treatments to ‘feminize’ and become new Caitlyn Jenners sinceRead MoreCompare and Contrast Marxist and Weberian Theories of Stratification1525 Words   |  7 PagesQ: Compare and Contrast Marxist and Weberian Theories of Stratification. The purpose of this essay is to compare, contrast and critically evaluate Marxist and Weberian theories of stratification. To do this effectively this essay must explain and consider the main features, claims and perspectives of both Karl Marx and Max Weber. O’Donnell (1992) defines social stratification as â€Å"the division of a society or group into hierarchically ordered layers. Members of each layer are considered broadly equalRead MoreEssay on The Battle for Homosexual Adoption1696 Words   |  7 Pagescognitive abilities, behavior, general emotional development, or†¦ self-esteem, depression, or anxiety.† However, if there were any differences, Meezan and Rauch find that â€Å"they tend to favor children raised in lesbian families.† Furthermore, Patterson claims no differences in the following psychological effects from children raised in different households: â€Å"separation-individuation, psychiatric evaluations, assessments of behavior problems, personality, self-concept, locus of control, moral judgment,Read MoreEssay On How To Reduce Cyberch In National Security1527 Words   |  7 PagesDATA SECURITY a) Systems and controls to reduce a risk of cyber attacks There are a number of actions recommended to prevent or reduce cyber attack risk. 1. Determine the Company’s Security Chain The company’s entire security chain needs to be determined and evaluated. If even a single link is weak, the company could be vulnerable to attack. 2. Develop a Compliance Work Plan A company should create a written compliance plan to monitor the highest risks for a potential cyber attack. The complianceRead MoreProcedures For Checking Health, Security And Identity1764 Words   |  8 Pagesprocedure for checking health, security and identity? Is there detention? Is it judicially reviewable? Once entering Canada, each claimant has to be interviewed by a representative of the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration department. The applicant fulfills a form with the overview of the issues relating to identity, travel documents, education, employment history, date of birth, family members, marital status, criminal record, route to Canada, previous refugee claims etc. The data evaluated during theRead More The Effect of Cultural Difference on Intercultural Marriage Essay1240 Words   |  5 Pagesmeet prospective partners from other cultures than they had in the past. â€Å"The number of intercultural couples is increasing worldwide.† (Klein, par.3) Many intercultural couples claim that their relationships do not differentiate from monoculture relationships at first. Passionate love bonds them. When their relationships come to a stable stage after a while, however, cultural difference immerges. The couples can certainly benefit from cultural difference yet they also have to face the challengesRead MoreSustainability Research Paper1682 Words   |  7 PagesConsistent True / Genuine / Real Ethical / Moral Having Authority / Valid Institutional Theory Legitimate / Lawful (Legal) / Appropriate Legally or socially obligated While there are various meanings of authenticity, consumers experience and evaluate it differently by using a range of cues. Cues are based on consumer interests and knowledge of subjects (Grazian 2003) and the distinction between the authentic and inauthentic tends to be subjective and socially or personally constructed (LeighRead MoreStructure and Functioning of the Personality in Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory1713 Words   |  7 Pagesour unsatisfied drives and unconscious wishes. For Freud, the unconscious was a powerful force in behavior: thoughts and actions, which a patient didn’t even realize were very important in his researches. Freud based his ideas on this claims. The unconscious mind (or subconscious) is the feature of the mind of which we are not directly conscious or aware. Unconscious contains all those experiences and feelings that are  »hidden « in our mind and we cannot recall them into